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SberAuto is a new easy-to-use service to select and buy a car online. The service was launched in April 2020 and is a part of the Sber ecosystem.
SberAuto entrusted us with communications for its online car sales service in 2021. Our portfolio has already included successful automotive market cases but this project was unique due to its main objective: to level out opinions and prejudices related to buying a car online, showing that SberAuto is a reliable and convenient partner in this business, and encouraging clients to test the service and recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Our team uses leading market tools and tests hypotheses, for example: win-win collaborations in PR. In addition to this, the team operates joint projects with such companies as 2GIS, SberZdorovie, Evotor, SberZvuk, SberUslugi,, ЕAPTEKA, conducting researches, collecting and sharing analytics on internal automotive market and consumer behaviour, etc.

During the first six months of PR activity, we generated more than 3,000 media publications including more than 400 of them in Tier-1. The overall media outreach exceeds 70 million people. We have also attracted the attention of journalists from the leading business, general and automotive media outlets.
SberAuto's business is growing fast: since early 2021, monthly sales have increased by 50 times with monthly turnover of one billion RUB. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of SberAuto is 80%, whereas the auto market average is 50%.
3000 media publications, media outreach exceeds 70 million people
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